October 31, 2016 at 12:34PM

@Regrann_App from @whulandary – I do really love all of the Puteri Indonesia and all of them are my favorite, everyone has its own strength.

For example, kak @artikasaridevi she never wants to compete with other girls, but instead she only wants to see the other girls to improve to the next level. She is my inspiration not only when I was still entitled as Puteri Indonesia 2013 but also my inspiration for my daily life.

@anindyakputri pushes herself exceeds her limit. She is always at her best doing everything she did, challenging herself to every new thing.

I don’t really believe in the benefit of competition. I believe in supporting each other to be a successful person is most important thing.

Thanks to the arjuna @teddylimmakeup and @ryantandya for capturing this moment 😍 🌟 tag #karbkulture to get featured! 🌟 #indonesiankulture
via Instagram http://ift.tt/2f43jDt


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